Minimum Java requirement

CGM-Tool requires installation of Java 7 or above. If your system does not have Java or if it is an obsolete version, please upgrade it before running the tool.

Quick steps to get started with CGM-Tool

Step One: Download the archive file of the tool and extract its content into any directory of your drive.

Step Two: Since the reasoning functionality of CGM-Tool rely on OptiMathSAT solver, installation of OptiMathSAT is required. For this, you need to download OptimMathSAT (minimun required version is 1.5) solver and extract its contents into OptiMathSAT folder of the extracted tool.

Step Three: Run the launcher (CGM-Tool) of the tool, as it is Eclipse based application no prior setup or installation is required.

Step Four: After running the launcher, a splash screen will appear indicating that the program is loading, and then you will be asked to read and accept the terms of use. By accepting this licence agreement  you can start working on the tool.


CGM-Tool is freely available for download as a compressed archive file for multiple platforms. Based on your operating system need, you can download the current version of the tool below.

Note: The tool is free only for non-commercial purposes. ContactUs  should you need the tool for commercial purposes.

Current Version: (Works in macOs “High Sierra”)

Known bug: On macOs Sierra and leater versions, the tool the first time is executed may freeze on the license page. If this occurs close the tool (or press the “Decline” button) and restart the tool.

Name Version Operating
Min. Java
OptimMathSAT Size
CGM-Tool Linux 32bit 1.0.5 Linux February 13, 2018 Java 7 Link 99.2 MB
CGM-Tool Linux 64bit 1.0.5 Linux February 13, 2018 Java 7 Link 99.3 MB
CGM-Tool Mac 64bit 1.0.5 Mac OS X February 13, 2018 Java 7 Link 99.2 MB
CGM-Tool Windows 32bit 1.0.5 Windows February 13, 2018 Java 7 Link 99.6 MB
CGM-Tool Windows 64bit 1.0.5 Windows February 13, 2018 Java 7 Link 99.7 MB